BonoViaje 2023

Publicado: 20 December, 2022

2023 – Bono viaje Comunidad Valenciana travel voucher programme

The application period for the Bono Viaje Comunidad Valenciana travel voucher for travel in 2023 is now open.
There will be two periods in which reservations can be made:

    • Phase 1 SPRING: from 16 January to 31 May 2023.
      Phase 2 AUTUMN: from 18 September to 22 December 2023

Direct support will cover 60% of the cost of eligible services, with a maximum of 600 euros for minimum stays of two nights.

Payment can only be made by credit card of the reservation holder or transfer from their account.

With a voucher, only one accommodation unit can be booked. You cannot use several vouchers for the same accommodation.

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