Give them a round of applause

Publicado: 11 April, 2020

Camping Racó joins the “Give them a hand” initiative promoted by the Mediterranean Campsite Confederation, offering 28 days’ stay on plots.

What is “Give them a round of applause”?

It is a recognition of the work carried out by the health staff, their effort, dedication and commitment to the health of the rest of the population. It is giving them the opportunity to enjoy a rest with their families. They deserve it.

For this reason, Camping Racó joins the initiative of the Mediterranean Camping Confederation, which will draw lots for more than 1000 stays in bungalows or plots for these staff and their families.

If you want to collaborate and give them a round of applause it’s easy, click on the image below and retweet on Twiter.  Each retweet is a round of applause and for every 1000, 10 more nights will be added. Surely we can get more.

If you are a health worker and you like the world of camping, do not hesitate, PARTICIPATE